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Roundtable Discussion: What is a Real Estate Investment Cooperative?


Local experts discuss community ownership of real estate and offer a primer on the real estate investment cooperative concept.



Leslie Watson, Governance, Start-up Strategist, Columinate, Founding organizer of the North East Investment Cooperative


D'Angelos Svenkeson, Founder and CEO, NEOO Partners, INC


Renee Spillum, Hamline Midway resident and Seward Redesign


Moderator - Marcq Sung, Community Reinvestment Fund

Roundtable Discussion: Commercial Real Estate 101


This presentation offers an introductory workshop in commercial real estate development, covering how acquisition, construction, and financing work. It discusses how a building could be transformed from a blighted, vacant structure to a vibrant community asset that we own together as a neighborhood.



Nancy St. Germaine, General Contractor (Raven Construction & Creative Enterprise Zone)

Renee Spillum, Hamline Midway resident and Seward Redesign

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