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About Us


Our Vision


Our vision is to make long-term, stabilizing, and
transformative investments for the mutual benefit of
our member-owners and our community.

We view our investments as a hedge against real estate market forces that introduce gentrification, and ultimately displacement of small businesses.

We prioritize investments that drive greater racial and social equity through a mechanism that allows for all residents to participate in our community’s economy at a financial level they can afford.

Our Values


We acknowledge race as a factor in our community, and strive to explicitly address racial, cultural, and economic disparities in Hamline Midway. We will incorporate equitable practices including but not limited to: hiring, leadership, spending, community engagement, and disaggregating data.

We acknowledge the changing environment in Hamline Midway and strive to ensure small locally owned businesses are not displaced. 

We acknowledge that climate change is real and that each (re)development will have short and long-term impacts on the environment. We will strive to decrease our carbon footprint through green building practices.

Ensure those most impacted by decisions are engaged in the process and have the opportunity to influence decisions. Acknowledge that members and stakeholders will enter the cooperative with different levels of understanding of real estate development and investing. Membership and engagement in the process, should be accessible to all regardless of past experience. We will work to provide learning opportunities and technical assistance to ensure everyone can participate.

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