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Working together, cooperative members can:

• Transform vacant buildings into vibrant commercial properties
• Reduce the extraction that occurs when local businesses have to pay rent to landlords wholly disconnected from the community
• Give the neighborhood greater power and influence over its own future
• Support a more inclusive economic justice culture
• Value the market contributions of people from more income levels

How to join:

There are two options become a member of MIC. 

  • Online Membership Agreement - Complete an online version of the Membership Agreement and pay the membership fee of $100 electronically. 


  • Mail In Membership Agreement - Complete our Mail In Membership Agreement below and mail it to PO BOX 40595 Saint Paul, MN 55104, along with your check for the $100 membership fee. If you would prefer to deliver your form in person, please email to make arrangements.

MIC Application

Mail in Membership Agreement

Online Membership Agreement

Become a Member!

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